Jubilee Member Care Ministry

The Member Care Ministry is responsible for serving our church family spiritually, emotionally, physically and in time of need. This ministry team works hand in hand with the pastors in the event of any emergencies or hospitalizations.

Directorates in this ministry include:
•    Hospitality/Welfare Team
•    Transportation Team
•    Hospital Visitation team
•    Prison Visitation Team

Jubilee Hospitality Plus Ministries

This ministry is responsible for welcoming  guest, helping new members get established in Jubilee, ensuring continued spiritual growth and assimilation of all members into JCCI, Glory Tabernacle. 

Jubilee Mission and Evangelism

The Evangelism Directorate organizes and lead the mandate of making disciples of all nations by reaching out to the un-churched and helping them find a good church home at Jubilee. It is also responsible for taking “church” to those who cannot come to Jubilee or don’t have a home church. 

Directorates in this ministry include:
- Door -2-Door Evangelism
- Missions & Outreach

Jubilee Education Department

The goal of the education department is to teach the Word of God to all members that we all may learn to have a growing personal and relational fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This ministry also provides focus classes that help members deal with life challenges

Classes includes:

- Sunday school, 
- Pre-Marital Counseling
- Parenting
- Teenage Children
- Addictions
- Dealing with Divorce
- Conflict Resolution
- Time Management
- Personal Finance 101 (Financial Peace University)

Family Welfare Ministry

Families are the bedrock of any successful community. The Family Welfare Directorate is responsible for planning and implementing activities that promotes and strengthen unity and the bond of love among families. It coordinates activities to enhance couple’s spiritual, emotional, material, and all-around growth.

Activities include:
•    Bi-Monthly Couples’ Fellowship
•    Couple’s Retreat and Seminars
•    Family Counseling